I invented the Original Rope Hammock many years ago. Some credit the Aztecs, some credit the South and central Americans for invented today’s rope hammock..but no it was me. As strange as it seems , you are about to learn about the real and honest origins of the rope hammock.

The First Hammock is Conceived

 Many years ago I had gone to hear a sermon by the sea of Galilee and believe me they were not any fancy rope hammocks around. Anyway back to the history of the Rope Hammock…I had gone to the sea to hear this carpenter talk about peace love and happiness..come to think about it, he sound a lot like today’s modern hippie,but that is another story altogether. I was started to get a little hungry and that carpenter had been breaking bread and pulling sushi from his basket all day. I was in need of a little rest and relaxation.Now this is where I got the idea for that first Blue Hammock. Having a full stomach and nowhere to lay down but some sand and a bit of grass I started thinking. On the way in I saw a few roman soldiers putting some crosses in the sand and stringing some poor peasants for stealing food. AND THEN IT HIT ME ,I grabbed a fisherman’s net, a little rope for Hanging Kit strung it up between the 2 crosses and off I that beautiful thing I called fisherman’s net between 2 crosses that I later shortened to a rope hammock. Well by the time I woke everyone had gathered around me wanting to know where they could get a hammocks on sale and I went into business at Salt & Asphalt and have been working ever since.