Somebody has to be the Inventor

From making hammocks to shaping I have been lucky through the years to travel , surf and sail in many wonderful and exotic places. I have internet companies. Boo Bam Blue (sailing t shirts)  Salt & Asphalt T Shirts..  and Freaky Tiki Hammocks weaving beautiful Blue Hammocks. I am by trade a surfboard builder and shaped XTC SURFBOARDS and owned a Hot Wax Surf Shop in Atlantic Beach NC. Surfing T shirts, nautical t shirt and sailing t shirts have become a passion. Here you will find tall tales, outright lies and the memoirs of my life old salt.

Through the last several hundred years I have tried to improvise and improve the things I touch and love from the invention of the Rope Hammock, some of the first nautical t shirts. This was quite a chore, usually  catching fish and allowing them to rot across a t shirt. This left a beautiful sun and blood stained print. Then as time progressed and I became knowledgeable  with making colors and dyes from berries and rocks the modern nautical and surfing t shirts started coming together. Even though i did not invent the printing presses and later silk screen machines I helped them with the ideas and concepts.

Another day another post and I will get int the invention of the first hammock and later the invention of the modern surfboard which I am the most proud of. From riding logs to shaping hardwood surfboards, Its been a wonderful journey. Thankfully with nautical t shirts and sailing t shirt my journeys are not over. as i tell my story through the printed surfing t shirt i can continue to help the things i love.

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